Integrating Insurance Systems Without Code

We know that no two insurance companies operate the same. With this in mind, Surefyre was built from the ground up to be configurable enough to meet the needs of any P&C insurer in the rate, quote, bind and issue process. But being configurable comes at a cost – configuration. To solve for this, we remove the need for expensive developers by creating no-code configuration tools. This extends beyond front-end facing configuration tools like our application builder and workflow builder. Our no-code commitment also applies to one of the most important enterprise software processes: integrations.

Need for Integrations

Since the Surefyre workflow usually starts with data intake for an insurance application, we house a lot of data that needs to be distributed to your other software systems. Maybe you are integrating with a backend system such as Duck Creek or IMS? Or you would like to get the latest rates for another insurance company and present them to your agents? Or maybe an accounting, billing or payments system? How about a third party claims administrator? Latest InsureTech to pull risk data about an application? Custom solution built in 2005? We have seen it all and we have the tools to make integrations fast and painless.

Integrations Surefyre

Drag and Drop Connector

With Surefyre’s integrated connector you have all the power of using native integrations with the flexibility to make changes as needed. There are many great tools such as Zapier to connect consumer applications together to seamlessly share data. This allows to get so much more out of each of your software tools by reducing duplicate data entry and have data flow back and forth across all your systems. We thought it worked so well we shamelessly used the code-less integration idea to vastly reduce the amount of time and effort it takes to build an integration natively with the Surefyre platform. 

By not needing custom code for integrations this vastly reduces time and complexity to build the integration saving you time and money!

Errors, Authentication, Data Security, Debugging – Surefyre Has You Covered

Integrating two software systems can quickly become complicated. There is a lot to think about, what if the data is incorrectly formatted? Or you get an error or timeout when trying to send data? Surefyre knows the problems and has the solutions. We allow for many forms of authentication from OAuth, token authentication, IP whitelisting and more. We can transform data before we send it to ensure data formats are correct. 

We keep all your data secure in Surefyre and there is no exception when it comes to integrations. Everything is stored encrypted – including authentication credentials. Additionally we support all the latest standards to ensure encrypted data in flight.

We have all the tools for your admin to build out an integration from within Surefyre. This includes debugging data that is sent over, testing the integration flow and installing the integration in the Surefyre workflow.

Debugging codeless integration with Hazard Hub

You may be thinking – this all sounds great for new technologies but I need to send data to a 30 year old system that only accepts raw strings using a custom XML format. Yep, we have done that and much more. We are always up for a challenge, let’s talk!

– Surefyre Team